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You are not alone.

So many struggle and say, “I’m so overwhelmed!” “I’m stuck and don’t have a plan” “Ugh, I’m not ready to look for a job!”

Instead, imagine saying...

Be the ONE they want to interview.



Hello! My name is Jessica Benzing Smith.

I am the Founder of Job Search Prep!

I help overwhelmed job seekers be job search ready!

I especially love working with students launching their careers and moms going back to work! You don't have to start from scratch - use my templates and guides to get ahead of the competition - RISE & SHINE!

I have been helping transform careers for 15+ years and have experience on both sides of the hiring table as a former Director of Career Services, Business Owner, Resume Writing Specialist and manager for a Fortune 100 company.

Now, I am here to help you. I am your job search guide.

Everything you need to be job search ready.

All in one place!

Stop randomly applying and hoping to get a job.

Here's the secret: looking for a job is a strategy. It's normal to feel frustrated. You weren't given a plan.

Take control of your job search

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Confidently get interview ready by watching the video workshops and customizing the easy to use templates!
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Celebrate Getting Hired!

Imagine shouting, "I got the job!" and having a plan to continue career growth to enjoy your work - and life.

I get it - looking for a job feels complicated.

I can help! I've helped over 5,000 job seekers just like you replace chaos with confidence.

Avatars - Job Search Prep Client LinkedIn Recommendation

“Jessica is an extreme pleasure to work and very positive. She is an expert in her field and great leader.” -LinkedIn Recommendation

Angela McFadden
Avatars - Job Search Prep Client (8)

She walked me through possible interview scenarios, made my resume a perfect reflection of what I have to offer, and gave me a sense of support and confidence walking into the interview.​

Caitlin Neese
Avatars - Job Search Prep Client Review (3)

I found Jessica’s help to be invaluable during my preparation for a career transition. She coached me through multiple drafts of my CV, always helping me to identify previously unacknowledged strengths. I would highly recommend Jess to professionals of all stripes looking to head out into a competitive job market. -LinkedIn Recommendation

James S. Anderson, Ed.D​
Avatars - Job Search Prep Client Review (1)

Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time.
Jessica was a great find for me. I was looking to add some “pop” into my resume/cover, without spending my retirement to make it happen. That’s what I got when I located Jessica… 

-LinkedIn Recommendation

Shawn Dilworth​

Your success story is next!


Job Search Prep is for all career levels!

Whether you are launching your career or getting ready for the next level – Job Search Prep can help!  

Everyone starts with the “Job Search Ready” course – a step by step workshop + templates to get you started!

$97 Value – Limited Time Only $19

You’ll have instant access to the video workshops and all the career level bonuses from student to mom to professional! I want you to feel prepared!

Congrats! You are about to launch your career. How many times have you heard? “So, what do you want to be when you grow up?” I’ll tell you a secret – it doesn’t have to be one thing. Let’s help you SHINE for who you are, no matter the job.

Diapers, bottles, sports practice, mommy, mommy, mommy. Did you put your career on hold to raise kids? Ready to re-enter the workforce? Has your situation changed and you have to work? “Mom” is one of the hardest jobs in the world! The transition to a new job can be intimidating. I am a mom of two and have struggled with self-doubt and showcasing my own skills. I can relate! I can help you SHINE!

Are you an experienced professional ready for the next challenge? Forced to change jobs because of the economy? Want to polish your resume so you are ready when an opportunity arises? It’s always a good plan to be “job search ready.”

Are you ready to take your job search to the next level? Start with the “Job Search Ready” course so you have access to all the content and then let’s chat about a custom package with coaching, mock interview practice and/or a professional resume makeover. 

Get Job Search Ready

A 3-step learning experience for frustrated job seekers!

$97 Value - Limited Time Only $19
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