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Getting help from an expert resume writer will help you stand out. Job Search Prep / Resume Butterfly made the list of the top recent graduate resume writing services for the 4th year! - Find My Profession

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Each year, we take the time to recognize and promote the very best resume writers, career coaches, and staffing are being recognized as the BEST in one of these categories. articles. Since 2019, our lists have been created to honor and recognize high quality career services such as yours. - Kristina Ramos, Find My Profession
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Best Resume Service for Recent Graduates - Students - College Professionals - Resume Butterfly - Job Search Prep 2023 - Find My Profession
I wanted to congratulate you on being selected as one of the Best Resume Writing Services in 2021! We’ve reviewed 100s of resume writers and only the best of the best are able to make our lists. - Find My Profession
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15+ Years of Client Testimonials

“I got the job with the resume you created! Thanks for your help two years ago. I’d love to work together again as I am seeking a next position.” January 2024 – J.M.

“Thank you Jessica! My resume looks great and has never looked better! I feel confident sending this out to  potential employer. I appreciate all your help.” December 13, 2023 – Sarah Griffin 

“Jessica, Thank you so much! This is amazing and exactly the type of insight I needed to see. You are awesome at what you do, and I can’t state enough how much I appreciate you taking your own time to look over my resume and give me fantastic advice. I will be recommending to anyone I know looking for a job about what your company is offering. I hope you have a great day! Best, Adam King” December 6, 2023

“I always had a tough time in finding the correct wording for my resume. And with this new resume everything that I needed to convey to my future employer is all here. It’s got my previous and current employment simplified but my hard work is the forefront. Thanks again!” June 6, 2022 – Marlena P. 

“Thank you so much!! This resume looks phenomenal and it made me feel a lot more secure and qualified when applying.” September 9, 2022 – Michelle Gutierrez

“My resume looks really good! Thank you so much for making it look amazing and put together! Great job, thank you!” December 17, 2023 – Ashlynn G. 

“At the beginning I felt really scared and nervous but now that I have received my resume I feel so much more confident.”  December 14, 2023 – Jocelyn A.

“I am so pleased with the results of my resume. It is more detailed and eye-catching. Thank you so much, Jessica, for your hard work and dedication to helping students succeed.” December 11, 2023 – Elizabeth Rivas

“Everything looks good! Thank you!” – September 6, 2023 – Alexandra A.

“Thank you so much, everything looks great.” June 17, 2023 – Alexis R.

“Omg you are amazing! Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️” – January 2024 – KM

“I love the resume! Thank you for the LinkedIn profile suggestions. I already have an interview scheduled.” December 2023 – Bob M.

“Everything looks perfect! Thank you so much.” June 14, 2023 – Denisse Garcia

“This is great, thank you so much! Im super happy with how it turned out. I probably wouldn’t have organized it this pretty and professional.” March 22, 2023 – Jazmine Mendoza

“Awesome, thank you so much!” March 22, 2023 – Brenda P.

“You always do such an amazing job and make orientation go well!!” – Julie, TADA Director of Operations

“You are priceless. I have so much clarity. Thank you for listening, it has helped me so much.” – G.C.

“Thanks Jess! You’re the most resourceful and encouraging! I had three rounds of interviews. I started my job Monday… your message timing was perfect.”

"I started a new job... I'm incredibly happy there." January 5, 2023 - Abby D.

"My resume looks amazing!! I am much more confident applying to jobs with this resume. Thank you so much!!" December 7, 2022 - Hannah D.

"It was and excellent experience working with Jessica! Her resume work is the best and I myself couldn’t have done the work she does. She really took of the stress off me from writing my resume and to top it of with going to school and work. I 100% loved the work she did." - March 18, 2022 Sucy Z., Google Review

"Thank you so much for taking the time and to help me out with my resume. This will definitely make a change in my life when I get hired at a clinic. Forever grateful."
November 29, 2022 - Yessii

"Jessica was great to work with, she promptly replied to all emails and had a quick turn around time on my final resume.  At times I am horrible with words and/or expressing myself.  She was able to take my info/thoughts and put them into a concise one page resume listing all of my accomplishments in a professional yet personal manner.  I highly recommend her service and will recommend her to friends.  Thanks Jessica!!" August 29, 2013 - Michelle

"This is perfect, thank you so much!" September 10, 2020 - Krystal

"Thank you so much!" November 30, 2022 - GT

"Thank you Jessica I appreciate you!!" February 18, 2022 - Makayla

"I’ve read my resume & I’m in love ! I love how it sounds so professional and makes me feel sure and confident about myself & skills ! Thank you Jessica" November 21, 2021 - Ivonne

"This is great, thank you so much! This resume looks amazing and professional. I defiantly feel so much more confident with applying to jobs in this new field! No need for any changes." November 20, 2021 - Morgan

"Everything looks fantastic!!  You are amazing!!! It's hard to know where to start, so I chose to begin here with you. Here's to NEW BEGINNINGS." January 2021 - Jen

"Resume Butterfly truly delivered. I've had my doubts going back to work after having my son 6 months ago AND starting a whole new career amidst the Coronavirus. However, my bestie recommended that I work with Jessica, so I hired her!  What I love the best is that my new resume gives a unique branding which highlights and captures me. This is brilliant and exciting since one of my fears has been not getting a call back for interviews. I can confidently say that I'm moving forward with peace of mind and rigger now treating my search like a fun game instead of stressing. So, thanks Jessica, for helping me get my groove back!"  June 9, 2020  - Lori

"Thank you so much! Looks amazing!" September 6, 2018 - Micah

"Looks amazing! Thank you so much!" - September 22, 2020 - Derek

"Hi Jessica, oh my goodness the resume looks amazing. It is so much better than what I would have been able to do." August 12, 2015 - Sarah 

"This has truly been a great experience for me. You took the things that I wanted to say to highlight my strengths and put it into paper in a way that I could not have done myself. I enjoy the reformatting of my resume and diction that was used instead to produce a more concise, yet effective review of why I deserve to be hired. Your promptness in terms of response times was greatly appreciated and I will be recommending you to anyone who also has the same problems that I did." April 20, 2020 - Brian, PharmD

"Don't stress over resume writing. Jessica's the bomb, let her do it." May 22, 2013  - Trista Perot

"I am grateful to you for your help, for understanding who I am and for guiding me in articulating and designing my [LinkedIn] profile, resume and cover letter." August 19, 2013 I.E.

"My résumé looks great!!!  I'm so impressed!!!" August 11, 2013 - Teri 

"I just wanted to say thank you so much! I am very pleased with your work, I want to thank you for your guidance and assistance. I don't see anything that needs to be altered, it is good to go!! Also, thanks for the tips I will keep that in mind. Take care, you have a lifetime customer!" September 30, 2020 - D. Allen

"You're the best!" September 12, 2018 - Brittany

"Looks great! Thank you again for your services!" June 22, 2013 - Jessica Z.

"Jessica is an amazing resume mastermind who can help you take the fear out of the resume and turn it into a key that unlocks interviews and a tool to use for getting the job!" May 22, 2013 Miguel Aranda

"This looks amazing!! Thank you so much!!" March 12, 2018 - Hannah

I love success stories! This client started a new job less than a week after I created her resume... "Thanks to your wonderful résumé skills! Honestly I think that's why I got called so quickly! You're awesome." Posted on Facebook May 19, 2013 - Lovie

"This is perfect, thank you so much!" November 28, 2017 - Karen

"Looks good! Thanks again for your promptness." August 13, 2013 - Mike

"The resume looks GREAT. I absolutely love it. You are truly great at what you do." April 24, 2013 -Brittny

"Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value. Jessica provided a resume update service for me. She quickly assessed my background and supplied a quality draft for my review. I am completely satisfied with the product and timeliness of the service. I will recommend Jessica to my friends and colleagues who are looking for similar services.”
Posted on LinkedIn April 3, 2013 -Bill

"The cover letter you wrote is awesome!" August 17, 2013 -Elise

"That looks perfect! Thank you again!" April 11, 2016 -Alexandria 

"It was such a pleasure working with you. My resume came out beautifully and better than I could have ever imagined. I feel that using your service was a great benefit to my future and I would definitely recommend resume butterfly to anyone just starting out or those re-entering the working world. Thank you so much for all of your hard work."
February 24, 2013 Kari

"Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time. Jessica was a great find for me. I was looking to add some "pop" into my resume/cover, without spending my retirement to make it happen.  That's what I got when I located Jessica, but she also excelled in:
  • Great sense of urgency - Jessica wasted no time getting to work on my resume
  • One on one phone consult/interview - Jessica asked all the right questions to fully understand my capabilities/goals (about an hours worth)
  • Sustainability - Jessica aims to please even after you have agreed to the final draft.
I will definitely use Jessica in the future, if my plans/goals change. I recommend anybody else interested in increasing their chances in the job market, to take a look/call/email Jessica....she will take care of you!"
Posted on LinkedIn February 14, 2013 Shawn Dilworth

"Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity. Jessica is very easy and personable to work with. Her resume questionnaire was so thorough and helped organize all of the daunting details needed for a resume. She was always prompt when it came to any questions I had. I always draw a blank when it comes to a cover letter so I couldn't be more appreciative for her assisting with this. Both the resume and cover letter she put together came out perfect."
February 1, 2013 Kristen

"Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative. I found Jessica's help to be invaluable during my preparation for a career transition. She coached me through multiple drafts of my CV, always helping me to identify previously unacknowledged strengths. I would highly recommend Jess to professionals of all stripes looking to head out into a competitive job market."
Posted on LinkedIn October 21, 2012. James S. Anderson, Ed.D

“Jessica is an extreme pleasure to work and very positive. She is an expert in her field and great leader.” Posted on LinkedIn January 22, 2013. -Angela McFadden

"Knowing Jess and her warm personality before ever working with her made the decision to commit to a resume makeover and some interview coaching just that much easier. Still, I never imagined the outcome would be so wonderful! I contacted Jess after luckily receiving an interview for a job I was determined to get. She walked me through possible interview scenarios, made my resume a perfect reflection of what I have to offer, and gave me a sense of support and confidence walking into the interview. Although I was not selected for the position, I was diligent to my job search and landed another interview in less than a week with my new and improved resume. I have no doubt that the changes Jess made to my documents made me a more attractive candidate, and her work in preparing me for interviews helped me land the job the very next day. I am beyond grateful for Jessica's efforts and uplifting attitude, and strongly feel that her services have impacted me for the better."
Posted on LinkedIn December 2, 2012. Caitlin Neese

"My engineering position was eliminated recently and Jess was able to help me get my resume looking great in a very short period of time!  She was encouraging to work with and very creative in putting together a great resume that will get the attention of hiring managers. Update: Almost done with the first week at my new job! I recommend Resume Butterfly! A person's resume and LinkedIn profile are what people who don’t know you are going to use to assess you- make those things as perfect as you can!" November 12, 2012

“Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value. I recently acquired the services of Jessica and I’ve got to say it didn’t feel like ‘some professional’ was paid to do his job. Working with her felt like a personal relationship and I’ve got to say being a fresh graduate, you kinda figure there’s hardly any way you can make your CV to make it attractive due to the almost zero experience but all that proved to be false with her. She diligently asked questions even I thought were irrelevant to my CV and by the time the final draft came out, I was surprised in a pleasant way(beyond my expectations). I found it hard to believe I actually accomplished those things that were written about me, but fact is I did. That just shows you the professionalism and personal touch she puts into it. Before I wrote her, my biggest problem was making sure that my CV was one of those CVs that recruiters just wave off after a few seconds. To be honest even when I looked at my CV, I’d flip by it if I were a recruiter and I needed her to change the situation and she totally did. A former Panasonic HR manager (Eastern Europe) and legal expert were both impressed (instant impact) and what’s more, she threw in a free cover letter and list of references. Most online sites charge a lot for lesser quality than Jessica-that I know for a fact. I gladly recommend Jessica if you’re looking to stand out and make great strides in your career” Posted on LinkedIn April 16, 2013
- Theo

"Woot!  I got a job (small happy dance here - picture lots of flailing and not much rhythm)!
 Thanks, Jessica for helping me redesign my resume.  The format was just as requested, with the right spacing, white space, and layout.  It would have taken me hours to do myself, and wouldn't have been nearly as appealing.  The format also gave me flexibility to work from the base resume and customize it for each job application.  Jessica's  work spawned a hundred slightly different versions for various positions, both scientific and health care related and resulted in two separate job offers.  Her in-process calls and follow-up ensured my resume was just how it needed to be.  Good job, Jessica!" May 13, 2012
- Gayle

"Excellent! Thank you for the complimentary cover letter I appreciate it." August 20, 2012
- Lewis

"Thank you so much for redeveloping my resume/cover letter.  This says it all! I like it very, very much!!! Sorry, I'm practically speechless based on how well everything is incorporated within the resume and cover letter!! Looks and sounds great." June 17, 2012 - Terral

"I enjoyed working with you because you were fast, efficient and professional.  I am ecstatic about the final result.  I will feel confident attaching it to job applications.  The problem that I had was that I didn't think my resume accurately reflected my abilities.  I made many revisions but was never happy with the result. Jessica was able to accomplish in less than one week what I had tried years to accomplish.   Like I said before, 'It really looks wonderful!  Much better than what I could have done on my best day.'" April 17, 2012 - Kendra

"Jessica was courteous, professional, efficient and easy to communicate with. My new resume is much more understandable than my old version, which had a lot of information but wasn’t as positive as it needed to be nor was it easy to comprehend at a glance.  The companion generic cover letter with the resume makeover made a complete and consistent package. I wasn’t getting responses to submittals with my old resume. I knew it needed a revamp, but couldn’t wrap my head around starting it over from scratch.  In just a few days working with Jessica via e-mail, the effort was completed, allowing me to focus on the high points I needed to capture and keep up with my busy life. I will be recommending [Resume Butterfly] to fellow employees at work who are faced with outplacement as I am who I am sure can benefit." March 21, 2012 - Jim

“Most job-seekers don’t have a clue how to get their “foot in the company door.” Let’s face it, it is tough trying to market yourself; especially in this economy – - competition is fierce. Jessica Smith will take your cover letter and resume to the next level – - when my resume could have just become a discarded faded memory. Jessica is proactive, dynamic and worth EVERY penny! She will work with you to make sure your resume is formatted and worded properly. Jessica is THE ultimate wordsmith while ensuring your true personality is reflected on these pieces of paper. She will make your resume come to life – - guaranteed! Jessica will even give you reminders like, “Don’t forget to check your privacy settings on Facebook – - employers look for that.” I have already secured 3 TOP NOTCH interviews since receiving my new resume/cover letter on a Monday and it is only Wednesday! In the end, I could not have made a better decision to work with Jessica. I had a truly fantastic experience with a professional, knowledgeable and well-seasoned veteran. Thanks, Jessica!” January 11, 2012 - Kara

“Wow, you are AMAZING! I couldn’t be happier. I am glad I came to you for help. I am now, more than ever confident about my future job opportunities with such a great resume.  Everyone I have shown my resume to said what a great job you have done. Thank you so much. My resume and cover letter reflect the time and thought you have put into them. I will definitely recommend you to everyone.”  August 14, 2011 - Susie

“Hi Jessica, I just wanted to tell I enjoyed talking to you. Thank you so much for the input and advice. My resume looks excellent- I love it.” April 24, 2009 - Katina

  I looked over the resume, the work that you have done was absolutely fantastic. Once again, thank you!” August 25, 2011 - Dante

“Jessica, it looks great. Thanks again for the help.” July 14, 2010 - Rhonda

  “Perfect. Thank you. Have I told you lately that you are awesome? Well you’re AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!” May 07, 2009 - Ada

"Thank you so much for all your help! I greatly appreciate it! And thanks for the quick response."  January 5, 2015 - Nicole

“Thank you so much Ms. Jessica for all you have done. We haven’t crossed the finish line yet but I feel we are real close. I will let you know how things went tomorrow at my interview. Thanks once again.”  August 16, 2010 [She was hired the next day!] - Tanika

“I would like to thank you for the incredible opportunities that you have provided me in my job search.   Thank you for your time and energy.” August 24, 2009 - Noah

“I got the JOB!!” April 02, 2009 - Kristin

“Jessica, Thank you so much!! I will keep you updated on the job search. Thank you again for all your help!!” November 04, 2008 [She was hired the next week!] - Kathryn

“Thank you for updating my resume- I like it a lot.” April 22, 2009 - Ray

“I am starting a new job today! 🙂 ” January 28, 2009 - Stacy

“Jessica~ Thank you, THANK YOU for all your help.” October 07, 2008 - Karen

“THANK YOU VERY MUCH JESSICA !!! My work is going great and crazy at the same time but I’m loving it!!!!” August 19, 2008 - Jesus

“Jessica. Thank you so very much for your help, it may not seem like much but it is greatly helping me out and also keeping me encouraged. I know how easy it now is to lose hope in finding a job. But I have kept my head held high. Again, thank you so much.” September 16, 2008 - Hollie

“Thank you for all your help. I am super excited and can’t wait to hopefully give you good news pertaining to my interview. Again thank you I really appreciate all you do and if I never said it before thank you again.” November 10, 2010 - Gloria

“Yes, I received it and it looks great. Thanks for the update.” June 05, 2010 - Derrick

“Thank you so much for the resume help!!” May 07, 2009 - Charles

“Jessica, I believe this is much better than what I had revised. Opening up the margins definitely made more room for more accurate information/experience.” July 12, 2010 - Bryan

“Thank you so much it looks great!” November 16, 2010 - Jinn

“The resume looks good! Thank you for updating it!” May 21, 2009 - Holly

"This is perfect, thank you so much!" September 9, 2020 - Halea

“Jessica, Thank you so much for updating my resume. It looks awesome. Again thank you so much.” March 23, 2009 - Jaclyn

“Wow! If I ever need an ego boost I know who to call. Thank you very much for all the help, it is highly appreciated.” September 22, 2010 - Crystal

Recommendations from LinkedIn:
“Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity I had the privilege of mentoring Jessica when I became a Regional Director {Career Services} overseeing the Texas market in 2008. Jessica is a unique talent. She is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. She is in the top 3% of people I have managed in my blessed career, and is an asset to any organization she is a part of.” August 16, 2011 Franchise Consultant, FranChoice: Stephen Maeker

“I enjoyed working with Jessica - she is bright, creative, detailed and a gifted manager/leader. Her empathy mixed well with her high competency in running a career services program/department and she was always at the top of the leaderboard. What I most miss about working with Jessica is her creative ideas to accomplish almost any task. I recommend Jessica as an incredibly competent career services professional and manager.” May 21, 2012 Director of Career Services, Westwood College: Miguel Aranda

“It was my privilege to work with Jessica Smith during my three years of service as a Faculty/Library paraprofessional at Westwood College in Fort Worth. Her determined commitment to student success was most impressive. I especially appreciated her ability to balance being the consummate professional with the compassionate mentor. Jessica’s outgoing personality and positive attitude facilitated many meaningful collaborations with faculty members, including myself. Although the entire campus benefited from her intelligence and people skills, it was the countless students whom she assisted who will carry her life-skill lessons well into their own future. I offer my highest unqualified recommendation for Jessica Smith. She will be a valued-added asset to any organization fortunate enough to recruit her services.” December 14, 2011 Faculty/Library, Westwood College: Daniel F. Flores, PhD

“I’ve had the privilege of working directly for and with Jessica. She is a very strong and dependable supervisor and co-worker. Jessica has taught me to be a proficient Career Advisor by example. She communicates openly and in a professional manner. Jessica has an eager attitude always trying to help others and is extremely detail oriented. She is diligent in her work and strives for excellence in everything she does. I am grateful for having the opportunity to have worked with her and any company would be lucky to have her as part of their team.” September 15, 2011 Career Advisor, Westwood College: Danielle Mercurio

  “Jessica was an asset to the career services department at Westwood, and I would suggest she’ll be an asset to any team that is lucky enough to have her on board. She manages people with a firm and fair hand, drives desired outcomes, and builds outstanding relationships. She is one of those rare leaders that is also capable of managing — and doing it well. Hire her now!” August 15, 2011 Partner and CEO, The Sparrow Group: Martha Lanaghen “Jessica was excellent to work with. She is very detail-oriented and can be counted on to perform complex tasks to perfection. She is very willing to help others and share her expertise. On numerous occasions I relied on her to assist with projects and share insight which I used to make critical business decisions.” August 9, 2011 Curriculum Developer, Clifton Gunderson LLP: Mary Kate Head

“Jessica is an action oriented professional that takes great pride in helping students succeed. She is always a positive contributor on the campus and a great team member assisting where ever and when ever needed. She has a strong track record for producing results. Jessica is a trustworthy and valuable member for our organization.” August 12, 2011 Regional Vice President, Westwood College: Rick Skinner

“Jessica is an exceptional employee with dedication and attention to detail that is unsurpassed. It is rare to find someone upon whom one could rely without hesitation and know that whatever task was assigned, it would be done with due diligence and with exceptional outcome.” September 26, 2008 Education Consultant, Education Service Center Region 11: Sheila Carr

“Jessica always completed assignments with a positive attitude, a smile, and perseverance. During tense and/or stressful times, these characteristics helped make her successful. I would place Jessica in any position that you need a dependable and “get it done right” type of person.” April 19, 2008 Senior Vice President, Exeter Finance Corp: Pete Siciliano

“What impressed me the most about Jessica was her willingness to take on new projects and be a quick study, all the while knowing that it was for the benefit of our students. She always had a positive and professional demeanor but knew how to shift between working with students and seasoned industry professionals. Great asset to any organization.” August 26, 2008 Director of Online Programs, EDMC: Dr. Shana Garrett, LPC, NCC

“I continued to be amazed at Jessica’s ability to provide efficient, effective guidance regarding marketing and the evolving area of social media. She is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to the quality of her work as well as our specific needs. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your gifts with us; you are greatly appreciated.” Office Manager: Claire

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Discover the expertise of Jessica Benzing Smith, a leading professional resume writer and career coach at Job Search Prep / Resume Butterfly. Explore our testimonials and awards page showcasing client success stories in Fort Worth, Texas, and virtually across the USA and worldwide. Benefit from free and custom packages tailored to elevate your career. Trust Jessica for top-notch resume writing and career coaching services, delivering success on a global scale.
Discover the expertise of Jessica Benzing Smith, a leading professional resume writer and career coach at Job Search Prep / Resume Butterfly. Explore our testimonials and awards page showcasing client success stories in Fort Worth, Texas, and virtually across the USA and worldwide. Benefit from free and custom packages tailored to elevate your career. Trust Jessica for top-notch resume writing and career coaching services, delivering success on a global scale.