Hello! I'm Jessica.

I’ve helped over 5000 job seekers transform their careers – from cashiers from CEOs. 


I especially love helping students and moms make a “plan to get hired.” 


My job is helping you find a job you love!

Job Search Tips from a Professional Resume Writer
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Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you are here. I believe our paths crossed for a reason. I’m Jessica Benzing Smith and I look forward to getting to know you. Pop into our Facebook group and say hi (I love to giveaway prizes!) 

I think of my job as being a career cheerleader, job search prep coach and small business owner all in one! I am a wife and mama too.  I love my job and I want you to love yours too. 

I created Job Search Prep to help you be JOB SEARCH READY. 

I know what it feels like to be laid off and not have a plan, I understand the pain of questioning… “am I good enough” and I’ve struggled with feeling stuck and not leaning into my full potential. I am at my best when I have mentors and cheerleaders helping me THRIVE.  I want to be part of your success team. 

I’ve helped thousands during my career as Director of Career Services, as a resume writer and in the working world. You have the unique opportunity to get ahead of the competition by getting “Job Search Tips from a Professional Resume Writer” that also has hiring and management experience.  I know what hiring managers want. I have combined my experience into courses and templates to help YOU navigate your job search journey with clarity and confidence! You want to get noticed and get hired – start by standing out! 

Looking for a job doesn’t have to be so frustrating. You need a plan. Job Search Prep is your plan. A successful job search is a strategy NOT a hope.  Let’s get started! 

A little more about me...

Job Search Prep is a the culmination of my experience:

  • 10+ years of resume writing + career coaching experience

  • Founder and Small Business Owner of Job Search Prep and ResumeButterfly.com

  • Background as a Manager for a Fortune 100 Company + local business experience
  • 10+ years working with students and professionals from cashiers to CEOS
  • Previous Director of Career Services + Career Services Specialist 
  • Published Texas A&M’s Official New Student Handbook and Fresh News
  • Texas A&M University Graduate with a BBA in Marketing

  • Love exploring National Parks and finding beauty and purpose 

  • Wife and mom of two awesome kiddos

I have a passion for abundant life and helping you put your best foot forward. Thank you for all of your kind words. I’ve enjoyed working with each of you and learning from you along the way- ResumeButterfly.com/kudos/

Job Search Prep is a way for me to impact even more jobseekers! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This limited time offer is an amazing deal. For less than $20 you have tools to get noticed! I want to eliminate excuses and make this available for thousands of job seekers. Your investment pays for itself in 1-2 hours on the job. Think of the lost wages you would be missing by wasting time without a confidence-boosting plan. Here’s a look at the numbers at a job paying $19/hour. Look at the money you could be losing. What will it cost in terms of money and time if you waste time without the momentum of Job Search Ready?

Hourly Wage Lost = $19.00
Daily (8 hr) Wage Lost = $152.00
Weekly (5 days) Wage Lost = $760.00
Monthly (20 days) Wage Lost= $3,040.00
After 6 Months without a Job = $18,240.00

This might be the best $19 you’ve ever spent on yourself! Grab it now (at 80% off) before the price goes up to $97. 

Don’t wait. Get Started Today. 

First, get connected to our insider emails! You’ll get Freebies + First Access including info about new resources. 

The biggest mistake that I see job seekers make is not having a plan. I have created the plan for you!  Don’t miss this opportunity. I know I have paid for courses and then procrastinated – take action instead! Watch all the videos and fully complete your workbook and you will be steps ahead of the competition. Dedicate time to completing the course and fully engage in our Facebook group and you will be amazed at your progress.

Job Search Prep is not employment agency and does not guarantee job placement, employment success or other result.  There is no magic wand to get you a job, but there is so much you can do to make a great first impression! 

A: Yes! Job Search Prep is an extension of my business – Resume Butterfly. I am a professional resume writer. I have helped THOUSANDS of job seekers with their resumes from cashiers to CEOs. Note – my availability may be limited, it’s a busy season! First priority will be given to Job Search Prep customers. All resumes are custom crafted according to your background and career objective. Visit ResumeButterfly.com for more information – check out the blog too. 

Job Search Prep is an online training that delivers my best advice and strategies, from over 15 years of experience.

To be clear, this is not a one-on-one coaching program. It’s a self-paced training – you will receive an email with your account login information. You will have access to the video workshop and PDF printables. As a bonus, I have created a group learning experience, so in addition to the trainings, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the Facebook community. Feel free to invite a friend – the focus is on the paid course, but we also share career tips and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated!

Feel free to message me in my LinkedIn profile or email JobSearchPrep (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Job Search Prep

is "The Proactive Career Plan"

you need to get ahead of the competition.

Get Job Search Ready. Stand out and get noticed!