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I've been a resume writer for 15+ years!

I am excited to tell your career story! Resume Butterfly and Job Search Prep are a combination of my career services expertise. I’m on a mission to help more people love daily life, including their careers. – Jessica Smith, Founder

I am excited to partner with you to create a resume that gets noticed by hiring managers! I know the struggles you are facing. I also know the JOY of celebrating “I GOT THE JOB!” I’ve helped thousands just like you launch their careers, overcome overwhelm. and love what they do! 

Good news – a professionally written resume will save you time and stress! Just read the directions below CAREFULLY… there are two questionnaires to choose from… and I’ll get started. 

Continue reading until the end for all the details. 

I have been a professional resume writer for 15+ years!

4 steps to a resume you love!

Finally feel proud of your resume, follow these 4 steps to order a custom resume. Read full details below.



Just click this link to order your custom resume, then read the welcome packet below to get started!



Download the resume builder questionnaire linked below (choose the best option). Save often then email it.



Once payment and the questionnaire are received, I will create a custom resume for you!



I will email you a copy to review. We will finalize and you’ll be ready to wow hiring managers!

Resume Client Welcome Packet

You'll receive a copy via email too! This will help make the most of your experience.

This Welcome Packet will walk you through everything you need to know!

Choose Your Resume Questionnaire

Download the one that describes you and let's started.

If you do NOT have a resume yet...

  1. Required: If you do not have a resume, please fill out this longer resume builder questionnaire linked below. Remember to “Save As” to your computer desktop (or somewhere you can find it) and save often. It will help me get to know you and create your resume. I know the questionnaire is long, but it helps if you fill out as many questions as possible. Feel out the references on the last page too please. Please put your NAME in the subject line of your email when you send it back to me. You MUST send it in an editable format such as Microsoft Word, Pages or Google Docs. PDF or images will NOT be accepted. 
  2. Feel free to send me your old resume if you have one, otherwise we will start from scratch using the information you provide in the questionnaire.


If you already have a CURRENT resume, please send me your current resume and answer the “update” questionnaire.  IF YOU DON’T HAVE A RESUME DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT – just fill out the longer version linked above.

In order to qualify for the “Update” Version make sure Number 1 is true. 

1. Is your current resume mostly updated with correct information? You MUST send it in an editable format such as Microsoft Word, Pages or Google Docs. If you only have a paper copy or image please fill out the longer questionnaire above.  

2. Download the questionnaire and answer the questions. Please help me stay organized and efficient by putting your NAME in the Email Subject Line. I will use them to customize your resume. Thank you!


What’s next? Detailed Client Checklist

NOTICE!  This checklist is for current clients who have completed payment. If you haven’t placed an order yet please visit the resume shop at www.JobSearchPrep.com/resume


Hello Current Client –

I am excited to work with you!  Follow these simple steps to get started!


Step 1: Payment & Welcome Packet – check your email for your receipt from PayPal.  If you haven’t placed an order yet please visit the shop at www.JobSearchPrep.com/resume 

Step 2: Questionnaire & Info Gathering


This Welcome Packet will walk you through everything you need to know!

Once I have received your payment, now you can get started on your resume makeover questionnaire – choose the best option linked above, depending on if you have an updated resume or not. Please DOWNLOAD the questionnaire linked above, save it to your computer, fill it out in Word or Google Docs (and save often) and email it back as an attachment with your name in the email subject line to ResumeButterfly@gmail.com along with a copy of your current resume or any additional letters of recommendation or documents – if you have them.

IMPORTANT: Please complete the questionnaire within 10 days of payment to secure your place in our queue. Please contact ResumeButterfly@gmail.com if special arrangements are needed.

Step 3: Makeover / Design Process

Sit back and relax while your resume gets a makeover. The typical timeline for a Professional Resume makeover is 10-14 days once payment AND your completed resume questionnaire have been received.

Step 4: Review and Finalize

I will send you a copy to review. Let me know if you would like to request any changes. We will work together to finalize. Then I will send you a final PDF document and a Word document that you can continue to edit on your own.

Check your email for your order summary and confirmation. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by emailing ResumeButterfly@gmail.com.

I’m excited to transform your resume!

-Jessica Smith

Owner / Resume Writer, Resume Butterfly

Founder, Job Search Prep

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