What if you could save your resume from the trash,

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What if you could...

Avoid the most common mistakes

Save your resume from the trash by knowing these 10 mistakes that even the most savvy jobseekers make.

Impress in 10 seconds or less

Know what hiring managers really want and expect from jobseekers this year, so you pass the 10 second trash test.

Know top tips for a resume refresh

Confidently know easy steps to refresh your resume so hiring managers say, "WOW!" and call you for interviews!

Take "The Trash Test"

to know if your resume is ready to apply.

According to hiring managers, you have 10 seconds or less to impress them or your resume goes in the TRASH.

“The Trash Test” is a quick guide that will give you instant clarity so you will know, right away if your resume is ready, or how to refresh it if needed.

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Hi there, I'm Jessica!

Here’s why I am the right person to help you on your career journey… 

  • Professional Resume Writer for 10+ years
  • Job Search Prep Coach (and your guide!) 
  • Experience as a hiring manager & business owner
  • Has helped hundreds of job seekers overcome overwhelm and love what they do! I want to help you too!

Most job seekers waste hours applying with a lackluster resume. Continuously making common mistakes that send your resume to the trash (without even realizing it?!)

Take the free “Trash Test” and save your resume from the trash! It’s time to start getting interviews and be on track to get hired at a job you’ll love! 


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