Customer Journey Job Search Prep JSP - 2022 CLUB PROCESS STEPS

Simplified & Streamlined Success

This year my focus is to make the Job Search Prep process as simple as possible. Simplified and streamlined tools to help you move forward towards your goals!
You are invited to “The Club” if you haven’t joined yet! (It’s gotten a makeover, so take a peak if it’s been a while!) There are 4 steps to success – get the most out of your membership. 
Step 1: Congrats & Commit
Join The Club at Welcome & Congrats for taking a step forward in your career! Next, commit to completing the 10 quickstart actions this week (the list is in the member portal)
Step 2: Log-in & Learning
You want results – so let’s dive in by logging in > Then click “START HERE” in the portal for a brief intro and download the productivity plan!
Step 3: Understanding & Up leveling
Schedule time on your calendar to complete the workshop with workbook – it is the foundation you need to succeed! Put the information into practice and gain a clearer understanding of your goals and how to market yourself! Celebrate each step of the way (and if you get sidetracked, just jump right back in!) Up level your experience by asking about the Custom Club VIP packages with options such as scheduling a mock interview or professional resume makeover.
Step 4: Believe & Be Engaged
See yourself succeeding! When you start to believe YOU are the ideal candidate for a job, you radiate confidence. Do the work to narrow your focus and take action to show that you are a match – a solution for the hiring manager. Finish the “Productivity Plan” in the Club Portal. Celebrate interviews, offers and “I GOT THE JOB!” There are 3 main ways you can be engaged – 1. Do the work (it’s worth it) 2. Comment on posts and share Job Search Prep 3. Invite a friend to this group and be a cheerleader on their job search journey!
I am so grateful for you and am excited to walk with you on your journey through “The Club”
We are continually adding resources – submit an idea or question below – what stage of the Club are you in now? What would help you move forward?