10 Questions You must ask yourself before New Years Eve - Career Annual Reflection

The New Year is almost here – 

Worried you'll be stuck in a job you hate?

Find out the 10 simple questions you must ask yourself
before December 31, so you can love what you do.


Wondering if you are in the right job?

Stuck in a Rut?

Life is often so busy... have you been going through the motions? Let's find out.

Getting Bored?

Feeling unproductive? Scrolling more than usual? Find out why and what to do about it.

Feeling Overworked?

Wondering if you are living up to your full potential? Stressed? Stalled in your career?

THE COUNTDOWN TO 2023 has started...

It's time for the "Year-end TEN"

so you don’t hate your job next year. 

You’ll confidently know… 

What if you could end the year well
and love your job in 2023...

Turn off Autopilot

Life is often so busy... we just move to the next autopilot checklist item and pretty soon it is 5 years later and you are dazed, confused and unfulfilled.

Do a Status Check

These TEN questions are a gift to your future self. Pause to reflect on the year and confidently approach the new year, with an intentional action plan.

Love Your Job

Reflection is critical to evaluate, reset and recalibrate as needed. If you don't pause, you may find your career stuck or stalled. You deserve to love your job and life!

Welcome to Job Search Prep!
I'm Jessica Smith

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I'm on a mission to help more people celebrate "I love my job!"

I know what it’s like to be stuck in the spin cycle, too busy to hit pause.  

As a Job Search Prep Coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of people that are stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled and I’ve been there too…. Good News, I have the secret strategy you need, it is called “The Year-End Ten” – ask yourself these 10 questions before December 31 and you’ll be amazed at the confidence you have going into the new year. A few minutes today can change the next 365 days.

I want to celebrate “I love my job!” moments with you!

Are you just going through the motions? It's time to stop.

Life will always be busy, you have to make time to plan for success. Grab “The Year-End Ten” and know the exact 10 questions you must ask yourself before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve so that you don’t hate your job. 

Let’s get started…

Answer the Year End 10 Questions Today.


You deserve to love your job!

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