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2+ years of experience, professional resume makeover


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2+ years of experience

Are you an experienced professional ready for the next challenge? Forced to change jobs because of the economy? Want to polish your resume so you are ready if an opportunity arises? Keep your resume out of the trash and get results!


If you are interested in becoming a client please take a look at the process below. I want to be very clear about the timeline and process so it is a good fit for both of us! I am a custom resume writer not a cookie cutter approach.

FIRST PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN to those that have joined “The Prep Club” on this site. If you notice the stock level is zero – you can get on our backorder list by first joining The Prep Club.

Step by Step process for Resume Makeovers:

Below is information to help you get your resume ready for your job search!

Preview the Current Client Checklist: 

Welcome Packet:

I look forward to working with you!

– Jessica

** Note, if you have been laid off visit your state’s workforce commission website for information regarding filing for unemployment.** Contact your financial planner for further advice. **


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Wow, you are AMAZING! I couldn't be happier. I am glad I came to you for help. I am now, more than ever confident about my future job opportunities...
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