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What if you could Prepare
Your Students for Success

and finally help your graduates prepare to get hired! 

Job Search Prep Career Services Consulting for Schools and Vocational Training

Does this sound like your school or program?

What if I told you there was a better way?

You’ll know how to set your students up for success, instead of spinning in stress.

What if you could trade stress for strategy.  I’ll walk you step by step so that you are 100% confident with a plan for career services!

Tell me exactly what you want and let’s collaborate during a planning call, then sit back while I create a custom career services strategy for your students!

Imagine not only having a career services strategy, but the support you need to help your students ace interviews and land jobs they love!

Kind words from clients.

Job Search Prep Career Services Consulting for Schools and Vocational Training


Finally, a proven plan for schools and vocational training programs

Job Search Prep Career Services Consulting for Schools and Vocational Training

Choose What Your Students Need:

We’ll create a package with everything a stressed out job seeker needs to land a job.

Resume Resources

Help your students confidently shine with a modern and professionally written resume.

Interview Prep

Utilize the Insider Interview Secrets Guide so they are ready for the toughest interview questions. 

Action Plan

Know the next steps to help your students succeed on their job search journey.

Job Search Prep Career Services Consulting for Schools and Vocational Training

Here's how it works.

Our Career Services Experience is one of a kind!  A combination of both career strategy + practical tools + mindset.  Expert advice and accountability so your students SHINE in the job market.

We know that one-size doesn’t fit all, which is why we meet you wherever you are and with whatever you need the most help with.

It’s the #1 career coaching + support experience available, so you can have your best career placement year, yet, and finally take a deep breath and celebrate success!



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Strategic Planning

We’ll connect over email and schedule a 1 hour strategy session via Zoom to get started on your custom career services plan. 



Accelerated Action

After the initial intake form and call, we will discuss specific packages that are tailored to meet the needs of your program and students. You can choose the options that suit your needs and take action!

"I cannot recommend you enough"

Hi there, I'm Jessica!

I know how hard it is to help students prepare for interviews, when you are already so busy.

I’ve have personally been through each career phase AND have worked with thousands of clients as a Director of Career Services, Career Advisor and as Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach. 

Now it’s my turn to help your program and students find success faster and with more ease. Accelerate your success by benefitting from 15+ years of experience, on both sides of the hiring table. 

Job Search Prep Career Services Consulting for Schools and Vocational Training







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Common Questions

Most likely yes, but let’s make sure!

Do you work for a career school or vocational training program? Do you wish your students had access to career services support that would help them get hired faster? Leverage my 10+ years of experience in the industry. Let’s create a custom package for your students. Book a strategy call today.

Our first step will be focused on getting to know your current needs and talking about which career services strategy will be the best fit. We’ll also dive into goals and current struggles. 

This depends on the package that you choose. I provide a range of services from custom resumes to career services workshops (in person or online) as well as templates, video courses and strategy planning. We will create a package that suits the needs of your program and students. 

The investment for an initial consultation for the Career Services Experience is $300 (currently discounted to $197), this includes a 1-hour Zoom session for career strategy planning and an access to the planning intake form. We do offer you a pricing incentive should you choose to pre-pay for additional services after your initial consultation. 

You can will need to fill out the Career Services application form below and I’ll be in touch shortly after to chat further if you have any questions. Once you’re accepted into the Career Services Strategy Program, you’ll receive your payment link and then access to the intake questionnaire and schedule our 1-hour planning session.    Congratulations on taking a step forward towards your supporting your students and school.  

I love connecting with you and answering your important questions about “The Career Services Strategy for Schools.” You can email us directly at and we’ll return respond as soon as possible. Or you may text 817-993-9553 and I will respond within a few business hours.  Explore all Job Search Prep services here to preview some of the services available to individual clients. We will create a custom package for your needs.

Job Search Prep Career Services Consulting for Schools and Vocational Training


Book an initial strategy session for only $197 (regularly $300)

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Job Search Prep Career Services for Vocational Training and Career Schools

I love my job and my goal is to help you land a job you love!