What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for - Job Search Prep

I had a friend say this to me recently… “what are you waiting for?”As I thought about it for a minute (after being a little offended) I realized that I was waiting for EVERYTHING to line up PERFECTLY. Then she said, “When is that going to be?”

Never. ⏰

Is it time for you to stop waiting? Sometimes we need a push and to get out of our own way. Today do the NEXT thing. I’m here to be part of your success team. The do-the-best-you-can-even-if-all-the-ducks-are-not-in-a-row team. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Baby steps or big leaps… you choose, both are forward progress. Cheers to friends & cheerleaders!

What are you waiting for - Job Search Prep

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