The 9A Job Search Journey Cover

The 9A Job Search Journey

I love to travel. β˜€οΈ And I love using travel analogies to help make your job search less complicated and confusing! This week we are going to be talking about a map I created called “The 9A Job Search Journey” Have you seen the travel bumper stickers that look similar to this? When I created 9A, I was thinking of the scenic highway 30A in Florida. 🌴 So picture yourself headed to the beach and wanting to pack the right things to make the best of your journey!Β 

Stay tuned as we go on an career adventure and pinpoint where you are on this journey and what you need to “pack” to feel prepared and ready!Β 

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Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith

Hello! I am the Founder of Job Search Prep!
I help overwhelmed job seekers be job search ready!

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