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Hello! My name is Jessica Benzing Smith.

I am the Founder of Job Search Prep! I'm a working mom of two, I get it. I help jobseekers go from overwhelmed to HIRED!

You don't have to start from scratch - use my proven templates and guides to get ahead of the competition - RISE & SHINE! Fast forward your success and get the interview advantage! I have been helping transform careers for 15+ years and have experience on both sides of the hiring table as a former Director of Career Services, Business Owner, Resume Writing Specialist and manager for a Fortune 100 company.

Now, I am here to help you. I am your job search guide & interview coach.

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Here's the secret: looking for a job is a strategy. It's normal to feel frustrated. You weren't given a plan.

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Stop wasting time spinning your wheels. You need a strategy. Let us help you with templates and step-by-step support!


Your investment pays for itself in less than a day on the job. Think of the lost wages you would be missing by wasting time.


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Success Stories

 Do you want to transform your career and have the success that you deserve?  

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I get it - interviewing for a job is stressful!

I can help! I've helped over 5,000 job seekers just like you replace chaos with confidence.

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Overwhelmed by your job search? Are you nervous about what to say in an interview? Confidently get interview ready by implementing the proven success plan and expert advice from a Professional Resume Writer & Career Coach!
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