February 5, 2021

Coffee or Tea - Job Search Prep

Coffee & Tea

“You drink your coffee—I’ll sip my tea.” << I saw this quote the other day and it definitely describes me. I joke that my grandma drinks enough coffee for all of us. If we were on the porch enjoying our drinks what would you have? Let’s chat! Where are you getting stuck in your job …

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Hello February - Job Search Prep

Hello February

It’s okay. We all do it. We have that Monday morning moment of hitting the snooze an extra time and grumbling in the dark. I used to dread early mornings. My solution? Early to bed when I can and I renamed my alarms – seriously – instead of just “alarm” my phone flashes, “Today is …

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Trust the timing of your life quote with clouds - Job Search Prep

Trust the Timing

If you’re sitting around trying to dream up an idea or waiting for inspiration to strike … you just may be waiting around forever. Go get after it this week: inspiration favors the BRAVE! Movement creates momentum. Take the next step forward. Spend a few extra minutes journaling or praying today. You are worth it. …

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Begin Today - Job Search Prep

Begin Today

Think of all the reasons it WON’T work. Write them down. Seriously, get them out of your head. Then do it anyway. Last week, I was so nervous about sharing this new project with the world… I tried to procrastinate (again), but had some amazing cheerleaders give me a pep talk and I got out …

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